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Helvellyn Pottery Art & Décor Workshop Centre

Located at the very north of the island is Grenada's own Helvellyn Pottery Art & Décor Workshop Centre. The centre consists of some of the best pottery products on the island.
Our products are made from 100% local GRENADIAN clay that range from Flower pots to beautiful designed and glazed dinnerware sets which are absolutely usable. Our glazes are lead free and the clay has been tested by top professionals overseas. All items are made by hand which includes painting and designing. Firing is also done on the site.

Vera Vase

Height 2ft5'
Unique piece Price: US$94

Dex Pot

Height 3ft
Price: US$169

Branch Pot

Height 2ft
Price: US$94

Wine Pot

Height 1ft4'
Width 1ft
Price: US$94

Rough Pot

Height 9'
Price: US$45

Rough Pot

1ft 4'tall
Price: US$57

Macro Pot

Height 11'
Width 1ft'
Price: US$75

Cache Pot

Height 1ft10'
Width 1ft2'
LargePrice: US$113

Cache Pot

Height 1ft5
Width 1ft2'
MediumPrice: US$94

Cache Pot

Height 1ft4'
Width 1ft2
SmallPrice: US$57
More Pottery Collection ->

Pottery Workshop: 9am - 5pm, Mon - Sat
Or contact Stacy at 415-7857 or 459-1468 Helvellyn house 442-9252

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